everyone of us deserves a decent and affordable place


to call home.




 A Habitat home is a strong foundation for a family, an opportunity on which they can build a better life.  Strong and stable homes help build strong and stable communities



A Habitat home is a stabilizing force for a family.  Better affordable living conditions lead to improved health, stronger childhood development, and the ability and financial flexibility to make forward-looking choices.



Through shelter we empower.  A decent place to live and an affordable mortgage help homeowners save more, invest in education, pursue opportunity and have more financial stability.



We coordinate all aspects of Habitat home building in our local area-- fund raising, building site selection, partner family selection and support, house construction and mortgage servicing.


We build entire communities in addition to traditional infill buildings. This is accomplished by constructing new housing, mainly on parcels of land that have been donated, acquired through government grant funding programs, or purchased at a discounted rate.


We partner with corporations, churches, individuals, foundations, faith and civic groups to provide the sponsor funding to cover the cost of construction materials to build each home.


We unite people of goodwill across race, ethnic, religious and geographic boundaries to build each home through their volunteer efforts.


We provide a "hand up" to our family partners as they work more than 400 hours of labor on the construction of their home, other Habitat homes, and in our ReStore. This is called "sweat equity". All homeowners must complete the sweat equity prior to moving into their home.


In addition to construction work, the partner families attend our mandatory homeowner education classes. Our goal is to not just get the family into an affordable home, but to ensure their success homeowners, with our education program being a key to these results. And we recently added Kids Advantage for the children.


Applicants attend two education offerings.  The first is HOME ADVANTAGE.  This 12-14 week curriculum covers topics including:  home maintenance, being a good neighbor, credit worthiness, mortgage financing, protecting your family, household budgeting, importance of insurance, and making good decisions about your home.  In addition, the applicants are registered and required to attend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University for more indepth work on household budgeting.


We serve families earning below 65% of the area median income by providing a 0% interest mortgage. The average monthly mortgage payment is 25% of the approved applicant's income. Their mortgage payments come back to PCHFH to help us continue building homes.


We ensure that families are accepted into the Habitat program based on their need, income, and their willingness to partner. Applicants go through a rigorous application process.


We rejoice as our Habitat homeowners' futures brighten due to a stabile, healthy environment that provides space to live, to grow and to dream.


We highlight the issue of affordable housing in our region, insisting that no one in our area should go to sleep at night without a decent roof over his or her head.


We built and sold more than 70 homes in Putnam County, which has impacted over 200 individual lives!