every family has a story


We build homes in partnership with our families along with the donors and volunteers. These homes are then SOLD to the family with a 20 or 25 year no-interest mortgage. Mortgage payments come to Habitat to help build MORE homes! It's a Hand-UP not a Hand Out


We provide families an opportunity to make a difference in their lives by partnering with PCHFH. Their willingness to partner is one of the three criteria in our selection process.


Before we hand over the keys to the family, they have paid more than $2,000 in closing costs and contributed more than 400 hours of sweat equity - helping build their home, other Habitat homes, volunteering in our ReStore, and attending dozens of hours in education classes preparing to become homebuyers!


Preparing for Success


One of the most critical components of sweat equity is our education curriculum. The future homeowners attend our Home Advantage classes, which help prepare them for being successful homeowners. Class topics include: Basic construction skills, maintaining your home, Importance of being a good neighbor and more. Over an eighteen week period, each individual learns skills to better equip them to become self-sufficient.


Participation is also required in a nine month Financial Advantage curriculum in addition to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University®, which pairs individuals with a volunteer mentor. In addition to classroom meetings, they meet individually with their mentor who will help them along the path of learning good basic budgeting skills


PCHFH and all HFH affiliates utilize three basic criteria when selecting applicants:

  1. Need for housing - substandard conditions of the home, safety issues, overcrowding, homeless, or in a severely cost-burdened situation
  2. Ability to pay for the home - sufficient income (30-55% of our county's median income), reasonable credit history, and proper income to debt ratio
  3. Willingness to partner - ready to accept the responsibilities and financial management, so they will be better prepared for homeownership and life.


We also provide KIDS Advantage curriculum for children over 4 years old. These classes allow the children to build relationships with their potential new neighbors while covering topics ranging from money skills, healthy eating, character building, and loving our earth.


Our goal is to not just hand the keys over on dedication day, but to see our Partner Families succeed as homeowners and to grow and prosper into all that God intends.  Habitat for Humanity builds strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.